The Academic Therapy Center Difference

One Day at a Time, One Challenge at Time, One Success at a Time.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn to be academically successful regardless of learning style or academic challenges. Our philosophy is one day at a time, one letter at a time, one sound at a time and one child at a time. We strive to make every child responsible, independent and an advocate for their learning success using the latest scientific research-based programs in reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, study skills, and math. We work with all ages, in both individual and small group setting, based on the child’s individual needs.

Our therapists are highly trained as Certified Academic Language Therapists or Licensed Dyslexia Therapist by the state of Texas. We strive to use the latest reading research to provide the best possible outcome for your child. Our office provides a therapeutic environment, free from distractions present in many school-based dyslexia and reading interventions. Students and parents are given compensatory strategies to help each student become academically successful. Parents are partners in the remediation of reading difficulties and are given step-by-step guidance in how to support their child at home to get the most out of academic language therapy.

Our mission is to ensure the success of each client in academic areas, and provide support and information on dyslexia and related disorders. We aim to promote understanding, education and success for each individual. We are not out to change the whole world, just the lives of the children we work so they can learn to read and develop a love of books that stays with them a lifetime. The sky is the limit between the pages of a book!