Early Reading Help

Pre-Flight: Phonemic Awareness and Reading Comprehension

Pre-Flight is an introduction for young students to Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with DyslexiaPre-Flight is appropriate for children in grades K-2 who have difficulty distinguishing sounds (phonemic awareness), limited vocabulary or background knowledge, and who fail to employ strategies to reflect on the meaning of text.  Since it only addresses two of the five components of effective reading instruction, Pre-Flight is not appropriate for children identified with dyslexia.

Source: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Sounds Abound Listening, Rhyming and Reading builds skills students need to become proficient readers with an evidence-based, systematic progression of lessons. Students learn to associate sounds and letters, develop awareness of rhymes and sound segments, divide words into segments, and add and delete sound segments.  Sounds Abound Storybook Activities link phonological awareness skills to children’s literature and comprehension.  The program uses the rich vocabulary from favorite children’s books to improve word, syllable, and sound awareness.

Source: Lingui Systems

Language Foundations is a comprehensive, balanced approach to the basics of language arts instruction.  The curriculum delivers the complete range of phonemic awareness activities and the 44 sounds and 98 spellings of the English Language in a sequential, multi-sensory, repetitive, spiraling approach. Language Foundations was developed by Reading Roadway LLC.

Source: Reading Roadway LLC

Explode the Code is a phonics curriculum spanning grades K through 4 in one comprehensive program, highly effective for grade-level and intervention instruction. It is an individualized program of instruction and reinforcement based on continuous assessment. It uses research-based instruction supported by auditory and visual cues to promote independent learning. It includes robust reporting features that provide ongoing progress monitoring. Explode the Code is designed to engage students and provides direct feedback.

Source: Explode the Code Online